It's Woman's Hour

America could really use some strong women leaders—and Jenny Sanford is a model

We wrote recently of our expectation that new American heroes are going to emerge as the country awakens, rises, fights and defeats the ongoing, all-out leftist assault on America’s founding ideals of individual freedom and responsibility under God. We mentioned Gerald Walpin and Anita Moncrief as early candidates. We’ll add Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

We’ve linked elsewhere to her written statement, issued in the aftermath of her husband’s admitted infidelity. This is the statement of an American heroine. While it obviously doesn’t directly relate to America’s war with Obama, you can see the foundation for that war in the qualities that stand out, and the messages that come through.

True class, courage, sincerity, moral clarity, mercy, and strong, humble Christian faith radiate from her statement. This is a very high concept of womanhood on display—intelligent and capable of working on Wall Street if she wants to, a believer and upholder of the sanctity and rightness of the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, a rock of moral strength and clarity in the face of deep personal hurt, a mother who unapologetically knows and states exactly what the real and incomparable importance of motherhood (and marriage) is really all about. Pravda will race to Argentina and cover every salacious other angle of this story (where were they when John Edwards’ affair and illegitimate child came to light?), but we believe Mrs. Sanford’s statement, and the character and love it reveals, will have a lasting positive effect on the moral conscience of the entire country.

We’ll take it even one more step—we think there’s a ‘leading indicator’ in her actions (and the actions of Anita Moncrief). Perhaps more than ever before in America’s history, the times seem to be demanding the moral authority of strong female leadership. It is woman’s hour.

No, we’re not talking about phony feminists and N.O.W. types—they are fronts for radical leftism which happen to be populated by people of female gender. They forfeited all credibility as real advocates for women when they refused to stand up for Juanita Broadrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey; when they were and continue to be silent in the face of the unbelievably sexist and hateful onslaught against Sarah Palin; when they did not and still do not line up in strong support of fighting Islamists who subjugate and oppress (and stone and kill) women in Iran and throughout the world.

We’re talking instead about the Jenny Sanford-types that exist all over this country (and in every variant of size, shape, skin color and bank account). Strong and intelligent women—whether ‘officially’ highly educated or not; women who see and appreciate the freedom and opportunity of America, and love and respect those who put on a uniform to defend it (and often do so themselves); women who know intuitively what marriage and family mean to American society (and every society)—who understand what is moral and what is immoral, and what is good and not good, without ever having to read Cosmopolitan magazine to find out; women who have no trouble combining the inherent unconditional love of a child with the absolute necessity of disciplining that child toward the development of habits of honesty, hard work, thrift, courtesy, persistence and courage.

A small portion of these women may have been initially fooled by Obama, and a larger portion of these women probably supported giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, at least initially. But five months into this mess, all of them have now sensed Obama is a fraud and a phony—the political version of a cad. They are starting to rise as the mama bear who is not happy with anything that is messing with her cub—which in this case, is America.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is of course one of these women, and she’s currently the most visible in the political realm. Michele Bachmann in Minnesota is another. Michelle Malkin is another, though in the pundit realm. But we think there will be many others. We think it’s possible that even some women who have previously thought of themselves as Democrats will step up and speak out against this travesty of a government.

We can’t predict exactly what they are going to say, but when they do speak we think you’ll recognize similarities to the ‘character content’ of Jenny Sanford’s message. They will take issues head on. They won’t be afraid to call socialism what it is. They won’t be afraid to say Obama is a weak and untrustworthy man because they know what a weak and untrustworthy man is. And they won’t be afraid to criticize Obama as "the first black President" because their criticism has nothing to do with his skin color.

Too many male politicians are like Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer and now Mark Sanford—somehow too caught up in the power and the glory of it all to keep their moral bearings, at least as they relate to marital fidelity. The result is a weakening of their messages in all areas. There surely are women leaders with moral failings—including those, like Hillary Clinton, who accept living daily in conditions of abject immorality in order to preserve power—but as a rule, no matter how much Hollywood tries to sell an image of women as no different than Hollywood’s image of ruthless, unscrupulous, horn-dog men, they are different. When a strong woman finally comes out and says and continues to say, words to the effect that “Obama lied to us, we’re fed up with him and his phony agenda, and he is going to be stopped”, it’s going to connect, big time, because of the moral authority of true womanhood.

The modern world leader second only to Ronald Reagan in strength, character and positive influence was a woman. America now needs its Maggie Thatcher.

Paul Gable

June 25, 2009