Trust in God

Brushfires is one place where we ignore the unspoken rule requiring separation of secular and religious commentary. We hope more will do so, because if there is one thing becoming clear in our national ‘crisis’, it’s that man (meaning men and women) don’t have the answers. The Obama administration is either completely winging it and failing (as Karl Rove wonders) , or it is deliberately executing on a destroy-free-market-capitalism agenda that is ignorant of where this will lead for even those it ostensibly seeks to help. Either way, the Obama administration inspires no confidence and no hope. Whether through ignorant bungling, or malicious calculation, their actions impel a call for resignation on the grounds of fraud, and we have said so. More will say so, soon.

Arrogance, egotism and messianic complexes being what they are, there’s probably not much reason to believe Obama and his team will resign. But there is a way to nullify them. And that is through prayer and trust in God.

God has existed long before Obama ever showed up on the scene; God will exist long after Obama is gone from the scene. The ‘way, the truth and the life’ revealed by Jesus of Nazareth hasn’t changed, and isn’t going to change. The ‘liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free’ hasn’t been revoked, and no human being or group of human beings will ever be able to revoke it.

Obama and his fellow godless, left-wing radicals are using the coercive power of government to trample on ideals of individual freedom and responsibility under God. They intend to destroy the wealth-creating capacity of freedom and free people, and confiscate and redistribute any existing wealth from those who have to those who do not, without regard to the God-given moral principles of freedom and individual moral responsibility. They are not the first in human history to try this; they won’t be the last. What they do not know and seem unable to comprehend is that in doing so they are fighting against God, and they cannot win.

The scope of financial ruin and other carnage across our country and the world that is being caused by them is deeply disturbing, but it is providing a wakeup call to everyone. The left may think it can control the terms of debate, and incite enough fear and panic that people everywhere will capitulate to their ideas of “government is the only answer” and that taking from someone else is the only way for have nots to become haves. But they are not going to control the terms of debate, because people really do have written in their hearts a higher and deeper sense of right and wrong. It comes from God, and it guides everyone no matter what spin tactics are used by the left.

The result is going to be a wholesale rejection of the godless agenda of the left, and it is going to be strong and severe. Obama doesn’t see it coming, but even if he did, there’s nothing he can do to stop it. He’s more right than he knows when he has said ‘this is not about me’. The relationship between God and man is what it’s about, and American ideals of man endowed by his Creator with inalienable rights represent a core truth of that relationship. Obama may seem to be having temporary success inserting his idea of government to alter that relationship, and claim that man has only the rights that government decides he has. He’s wrong, and he’s going to fail, and fail spectacularly.

Trust truth. Trust God. The left’s agenda is going to crash, and the core principles of America's heritage of individual freedom and responsibility under God will rise unscathed from the ashes.

Paul Gable

Posted February 20, 2009