Conservative Talk Radio is the Voice of Freedom to this Age

Rush Limbaugh is an American treasure. He will have a place in future history books alongside the greatest of American patriots. How can anyone say this? Easy—it is not possible to maintain the 20+ million member audience he has maintained for 20+ years—and despite the most vicious, unrelenting, deliberately misleading attacks thrown at him—but for one thing: his philosophy and instincts and intuitions are grounded in truth. People respond to truth. --Paul Gable

In the summer of 2009, Brushfires of Freedom switched to an all-essay format; we’re just too short-staffed to be a news aggregator or a two-paragraph pundit on daily news. See our “Links of Freedom” for the best news aggregators and daily pundits. But it was fun to do it for awhile, and the comments and links below are still relevant, so we'll leave them up for our readers' pleasure.

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Brushfires is Ahead of the Curve...
      ...This Time, on the Subject of Anti-Americanism

Rush spoke today of Axelrod's latest pontification about Obama bringing a new era of 'less anti-Americanism', as if this is inevitably a good thing. But as Rush and all serious people know, whether less anti-Americanism is good or bad depends on what exactly is considered "American" and what, in turn, is "anti-American".

Brushfires' April 5 essay took this topic on, at a level you won't find anywhere else. See if it resonates with you...

If BRUSHFIRES creates a Hall of Fame
        Andrew Klavan will be in It

If there ever was a column we've written in our mind but never managed to get published, it's Andrew Klavan's column in the Los Angeles Times, "Take the Limbaugh Challenge".

If every voting American would accept the challenge issued by Klavan to actually listen for several hours over several days, we'd see transformative, positive change across the country, a lifting of the 'Kultursmog', and a rallying to what is good.

Klavan is one of the most insightful thinkers you'll come across, and has already contributed several gems. This is another. Read it!

Rush and Churchill...
         ...By All Means, Let’s Take Another Look

We’re on record (scroll down to the next entry) begging for Obama and the liberal media to continue to attack Rush Limbaugh. His audience is reportedly skyrocketing, and that can only be good for America. Because the more people that listen, the more the country will wake up from the mesmerism that is paralyzing corrective action. Truth is extraordinarily powerful, and here’s the truth: Rush is the best, truest voice of freedom and American ideals in the country today. He is none of the hateful stereotypes assigned to him, and people who listen, know it. Listeners immediately detect that the flap over wanting Obama to fail is a contrived, dishonest, political game; they also detect that the operatives promoting the flap know they are engaging in a contrived, dishonest, political game. Rush has zeroed in like few others on exactly what Obama is doing and where it is leading, and it is antithetical to America’s foundational principle of individual freedom and responsibility under God. And he is standing up against it, and taking an unbelievable beating from the leftwing media as a result. But he’s right, and it’s great that those tuning in for the first time are going to find that out.

Which brings us to Obama’s dissing of the Brits. Let’s hope Obama’s decision to return the bust of Winston Churchill has the same effect of turning people’s attention to Churchill and his worldview. (The bust had been in the Oval Office since given by the Brits to President Bush in the aftermath of 9/11; Obama’s decision to return it was on a par with the graceless gift to Prime Minister Gordon Brown of 25 DVD’s of classic American movies).

Just these few pearls of wisdom (or call them ‘brushfires of freedom’) from Churchill would be enough to wake up intelligent people to what is going on with Obama:

Socialism wants to pull down wealth….socialism would destroy private interests…socialism seeks to kill enterprise…socialism assails the maximum pre-eminence of individuals…socialism attacks capital.

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.

I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.

People who search through the writings and biographies of Churchill are going to find another voice of truth and freedom, and one who also discerned easily and clearly the problems with Islam. Again, America will only be better off if more people learn about Winston Churchill.

Attack Rush Limbaugh? BRING IT ON!!! PLEASE!!!

Reading of the conscious White House strategy to demonize Rush Limbaugh (here) is the most encouraging thing we’ve seen in weeks. It is the essence of godless moral vacuity, on a mission that will puff itself up until it explodes. If they’ll just please continue this fight, we may rid America of the Obama fraud faster than even we thought possible. We’ll explain.

In the godless intellectualism that is liberalism, there is no such thing as truth. There is only ‘perception’, and perception can be shaped, maneuvered and manipulated in order to create the desired reality. “Perception is reality” is one of liberalism’s hallowed mantras, but it’s false. Reality is truth; truth is reality. But let’s step back from getting too metaphysical about all this.

Godless intellectuals worship at the altar of opinion polls. The Politco report notes how thrilled Begala, Carville, and Emanuel were to find a poll that showed Rush Limbaugh’s negatives to be high among certain age groups and/or other segments of the population. If a Stanley Greenberg poll says this is so, it must be so. And therefore the poll finding can be used to fashion talking points and political messaging, and the mindless media will repeat them, and their mindless readership will follow them. But this is all a lie.

The truth is the American ideals of individual freedom and responsibility under God are anchored in Truth itself—in the very truth of the relationship between God and His creation. From this truth came the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, and the framing of the US Constitution (see President Calvin Coolidge’s wonderful recognition of the spiritually inspired nature of these founding documents, here ). This is the truth that anchors conservatism; this is the spirit that animates Rush Limbaugh; and the heart’s natural response to truth is attraction, not repulsion. This is why Limbaugh’s audience is of unprecedented size and has been so for an unprecedented period of time.

For those who do not listen to Rush—which certainly includes large swaths of the under-30 crowd—but obtain their information about him through the filtered bias of those who hate God and hate truth, how could they not have negative views of him? He is falsely characterized and stereotyped, as he would put it—as a ‘racist, bigot, and homophobe’—but one serious listen to him puts the lie to all of this. And for the good of America, this is the beauty of the liberal strategy to attack him—more and more people will actually listen to Rush—particularly to his CPAC speech, which is all over the internet—and they aren’t going to sense or hear any of the lies that are told of him. They will feel that sense of passion for what is right and true (which we've written of before), and it will resonate in their hearts. Far from increasing his negative ratings, it will remove them.

Sure, there are a few mesmerized bigots who will take their marching orders from the liberal spin machine, and jump on board the ‘hate Rush’ message, but not many. That’s the mistake of godless intellectuals—in fact, there is a God; there is truth; and this truth is written in the hearts of all humanity, regardless of skin color, language, gender, etc. They will not buy untruth. They will smell it and reject it. More and more will wake up to question—what’s the fuss all about?

We’d like to be on record as the first, or among the first, to suggest that Rush's CPAC speech may join the Gettysburg Address in the pantheon of great American messages, and the whole event may in hindsight be seen as a pivotal moment in American history. That’s because Rush put on record, in a way that can’t be distorted or taken out of context, the spirit and the letter of the divine truth that lies behind American ideals. Through the internet technology of the era, it is now available to be listened to without interruption by all who care to judge for themselves. And when they do, they will respond positively to truth. Those poll-findings so worshipped by the godless intellectuals will be seen for the fleeting nonsense that they are. The Obama fraud will be exposed as never before. And America and the world will be better for it.

So please, BRING IT ON!!!

We Don't Want Obama to Fail; We Want Him to Resign

We resent the Obama lapdog media’s determination to make a big drama out of Rush Limbaugh’s view that he would like Obama to fail. Playing on the native patriotism of the American people but assuming their ignorance and naiveté, they spin on and on with the false portrayal of Rush’s view as either a wish for personal harm to the first African-American President or, alternatively, as a desire to see the national economy harmed despite the President’s valiant efforts. The spin will work for a few news cycles, and one of the lapdog’s will concoct a survey to show that most Americans want their President to succeed and therefore this proves that Rush Limbaugh is out of touch with the mood of the country. A presidential approval rating will be propped up awhile longer, the Beltway Republicans will be cowed a little longer, and the game goes on.

Let’s cut to the chase: this is cynical, malicious, manipulative, transparent fraud from the Obama administration. Obama’s policies are destroying the economy and the America of the founding fathers. They are intended to do so, because he rejects the foundational premise of limited government and maximum individual freedom and responsibility under God. Obama is a godless, socialist/Marxist and he is attempting to impose his worldview on this nation. Rush wants Obama’s policies and intentions to fail, and so do we, because the free market economy and the America of the founding fathers have produced the freest, most Christian-toned, law-abiding, environment-honoring, spectacularly bountiful civilization in human history. We don’t want these destroyed.

We would urge Rush to change the terms of the discussion. “I want Obama to fail” has served its purpose; the new mantra ought to be “I want Obama to resign because he has failed” –i.e., because of the fraud he has committed on the America people. We can recite chapter and verse of this fraud—the phony stimulus; billions to ACORN; nationalizing healthcare without a debate; reinstituting welfare without a debate; snubbing our British allies; giving $900 million of aid to Hamas terrorists in Gaza; calling for a fiscal responsibility summit after the most gargantuan, irresponsible creation of debt in American history; and on and on. The American people are the victims, already to the tune of $3 trillion of citizens’ wealth lost since the time this fraud succeeded in November 2008.

Let’s get 'resignation' and ‘Obama’ and 'fraud' into public thought. RIGHT NOW.


Take some time and read or watch and listen to Rush Limbaugh's nationally televised speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 28, 2009, HERE. Then consider the hate and vitriol and vicious stereotyping heaped upon him by the Obama-left and its mindless media. Recognize how utterly false their portrayal of him is. Then ask yourself, what kind of President would tell Congress and the nation not to listen to him?

And then join us in setting Brushfires of Freedom throughout this nation. We need to force this government to reverse course, NOW. We can, and we will. We are Americans!


"Speaking of talk radio (which I listen to constantly), I remain incredulous that any Democrat who professes liberal values would give a moment's thought to supporting a return of the Fairness Doctrine to muzzle conservative shows. ... The failure of liberals to master the vibrant medium of talk radio remains puzzling. To reach the radio audience (whether the topic is sports, politics or car repair), a host must have populist instincts and use the robust common voice. Too many Democrats have become arrogant elitists, speaking down in snide, condescending tones toward tradition-minded middle Americans whom they stereotype as rubes and buffoons. But the bottom line is that government surveillance of the ideological content of talk radio is a shocking first step toward totalitarianism." Click here for the full column.


You Should Know Who George Soros Is

Rush brought to light an interesting January 27 CSPAN interview. The interviewee, Represenative Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania, identified a two-hour, $5 billion ‘run’ on money market funds that occurred on September 18, 2008, as the precipitating event of the financial/economic crisis that (1) caused President Bush to sacrifice his free market principles and embrace bailouts; (2) tipped a Presidential election that at the time was shading toward McCain into an Obama victory; and (3) is now cascading through a ‘socialism-on-steroids’ agenda that will, if not stopped, destroy the America of the founding fathers.

Our bet is that if serious investigators ever get to the bottom of this September 18 precipitating event, they will find the fingerprints of George Soros all over it. Which brings us to revisit a pre-election Brushfires’ essay: "Let's Get Real About the Crisis Facing America" If you care about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage of individual freedom and responsibility under God, take another look at the warnings that were sounded in that essay. Americans didn’t wake up soon enough, and now we have a President Obama. But Americans are waking up now. Christians surely are waking up. They had better.

RUSH spells out his plan in a WSJ Op-ed


When the President of the United States goes out of his way to mention Rush Limbaugh by name, and to tell Republicans they mustn’t listen to Rush if they want to get anything done—that ought to be a signal to you that talk radio in general, and Rush in particular, must be listened to.

Just think this through—you’ve won a national election; the media is telling you the people love you; the elites inside the Beltway assure you that Rush Limbaugh is a fringe player, an outlier, an extreme right-wing voice that has been rendered irrelevant by the country’s unmistakable shift to the left (as 'reported' with transparent hopefulness by the media). Why should you mention him? Why should you be worried about what he says or thinks?

The Orwellians believe Rush can be marginalized and rendered obsolete—a discredited voice of the past. But here’s what they don’t understand, and Brushfires does understand. Rush’s outlook and intuitions and observations are grounded in the truth of Christianity, and Christianity will never be marginalized, rendered obsolete, or discredited—because God won’t. Further, Christianity won’t be defeated because its strength lies in the heart of humanity, unreachable by political strategies and tactics.

The left in this country have a visceral hatred of genuine Christianity (that’s why they hated Bush). They know how to give lipservice to religion, and they’ll fake it if they need to (remember Bill Clinton and the laughable photos of him carrying his Bible to church during the Lewinsky days?) but they don’t understand it, believe it or live it. But they also fear Christianity, because its teachings put the lie to their hedonistic, narcissistic, sensuous philosophies.

Rush doesn’t talk much about God and Christianity, but his ability to spot the BS of liberalism derives from the grounding his faith provides him. That’s why he connects with his audience; that’s why his criticism is effective; that’s why he is influential. Obama knows this, but there’s not a thing he can do about it. Rush connects because right ideas exist, and right ideas cannot be silenced.

This will be fun to watch.

Obama/Alinsky is a Fraud

Obama’s calculated demonization of Rush Limbaugh has begun, as Obama advises Congressional Republicans that they can’t listen to Limbaugh and expect to get things done. As Rush points out in his trenchant response, reproduced at NRO, Obama is simply following the Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (which Alinsky dedicated to “Lucifer”—the original radical and community organizer), Rule 13:

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Brushfires readers: spread the word, and defeat this tactic with truth and freedom. Rush Limbaugh as a person is not standing in the way of Obama, and the attempt to demonize Rush will fail. Rush’s ideas, which are squarely consistent with America’s heritage of individual freedom and responsibility under God, are standing in the way of Obama. And those ideas are not going away, because they are grounded in truth itself. Rush’s mega-audience is a result of inherent love of those ideas—a love that has its source in a power Obama cannot contend with. Obama’s path to success lies in embracing these right ideas, not trying to out-maneuver them. He’s headed for disaster if he doesn’t wake up to this fact.

Backbone for Freedom-loving Conservatives

Rush cited Andrew Klavan's recent post on Big Hollywood and we'll link to it here but it is so good, we've reproduced some of the best of it below.

I’ve been hearing and reading prominent conservatives and Republicans say ... Sarah Palin can never make a comeback. They say the fight for small government has been lost. They say we can’t have immigration reform that protects our borders. They say we have to distance ourselves from “embarrassing” commentators like Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter.

No, no, no, no. What the right is experiencing at the moment is a phenomenon called “cultural para-stimuli.” You can read all about it in Tom Wolfe’s wonderful novel I Am Charlotte Simmons. It’s sort of like peer pressure on steroids. It was discovered by Nobel Laureate Victor Ransome Starling, who found that when he surrounded normal cats with cats whose behavior had been bizarrely altered by brain surgery, the normal cats began acting like the crazy cats all around them.

That’s us–surrounded by the mainstream media. So steeped are we now in their lies about our representatives, their ridicule of our commentators, their demonizing dismissal of the causes we know are just, that we’ve begun to adopt their attitudes toward ourselves! And perhaps chief among the lies they’ve sold us is the lie that they’ve won, that the media are theirs for good and all, and that Americans are going to be hoodwinked and brainwashed by their constant barrage of misinformation forever.

Well, only if we let them. And only if we in the media surrender first.

Look, the American media are in a bad way, a disastrous way. Movies, TV, literature–instead of illuminating vehicles for art and entertainment, they’ve become like the Matrix, replacing reality with a plausible leftist imitation. Journalists especially have so shamed themselves in their coverage of the last election–hounding Sarah Palin’s daughter and Joe the Plumber while all but ignoring Barack Obama’s ties to Illinois corruption, and his long and deep association with the racist anti-American Jeremiah Wright–that it’s going to take them years to recover. When people shame themselves that badly, they don’t admit it in a hurry. They savage their critics instead and continue their own shameful practices as a kind of defiant denial–anything rather than look in the mirror and confront what they’ve turned themselves into.

So yeah, we’re on our own for now. But we’re not unarmed and we’re in no way defeated. We have great politicians like Sarah Palin–who could well be president in not eight years but four–honest newsmen like Bret Baer and genius commentators like Rush–and Ann Coulter, who’s only about ten times smarter, funnier and more talented as a satirist than Jon Stewart or Bill Maher will ever be. The left can’t out-argue these mind-warriors so they try to ridicule, disdain and isolate them, to make us feel ashamed that we admire and respect them. And they tell us they’re finished, washed-up. Why, just look, it must be true: it’s right there in the newspapers and on TV.

They’re lying. The left has to lie for the simple reason that they’re wrong and we’re right, their policies don’t work and ours do. Look at the cities that liberal politicians and programs have devoured like locusts. Look at the liberal states that can’t rein in their spending even as they go broke. Look at how environmentalists have made us energy-slaves to monsters overseas. And look at how leftist, anti-patriotic and anti-religious policies in Europe have turned a once-great culture into a corpse that is being consumed by Islamo-fascist bacteria as we watch.

Hey, listen, our soldiers have to get shot at in the cause of liberty. All we in the media have to do is keep telling people the truth. Lies and insults are all the left has got to sling against us. They only win if we start to believe them.