The Fort Sumter Healthcare Vote

Whatever the final healthcare vote of today, it won’t be ‘final’ in any sense of the word. A metaphor that comes to mind is the firing on Fort Sumter—the event that is often identified as triggering the Civil War.

No, we’re not predicting or expecting, and certainly aren’t hoping for violence on the scale of the first Civil War. But as the American people have watched for over a year as their elected Representatives have transformed themselves into the worst form of arrogant, corrupt, defiant ‘ruling elite’, the frustration and anger of the American people have been building. They have expressed their outrage through every peaceful avenue known to them; they have utilized the tools and technologies of democracy to make their wishes known; they have voted in the elections available to them—in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts—to spell out in no uncertain terms exactly where they stand on the agenda that is being pursued. Not one of the elected Representatives can claim not to know that the American people did not and do not want nationalized healthcare. Yet they are watching as the elitists lie, bribe, and hide their way into overruling the people.

The firing on Fort Sumter in 1861 made it clear that a war was on; that there was no other way to stop what had to be stopped. Similarly, the fact that the US Congress would actually proceed with a radical leftist move to nationalize healthcare in the face of overwhelming evidence of the opposition of the vast majority of the American people tells the American people—fully, finally and unequivocally—that a war is on; that this radical leftist government must be stopped. Whether or not the healthcare vote is disputed on some procedural basis for another several days or weeks really doesn’t matter. The American people now realize the stakes; they know this is not a game; they know we are not living with the politicians of some saner bygone era.

The American government is now under the control of thugs and criminals who disdain the Constitution, who believe power is law, and truth is what sophisticated PR strategies define it to be, and who believe there is no authority higher than themselves. These attitudes are morally repugnant; they are in their own way as reprehensible and indefensible as the attitudes that rationalized the institution of human slavery.

And so the healthcare vote is the 2010 equivalent of the firing on Fort Sumter. Radical leftism is proceeding with a blatant attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America. It is going to have to be destroyed, and the American people now know it.

What will happen next is the emergence of Lincolnesque leaders and de facto generals who intuit the nature of the war and the ideals that must be fought for—and will not be afraid to say so. The American people are in no mood to hear Romney-like, genteel approaches to ‘our friends on the other side of the aisle’. We don’t want to hear high-minded discourse on sophisticated nuances of policy differences. We want to hear full-throated defense of the America of the founding, the spirit of Patrick Henry, and a resolve and determination to repeal, rescind, reverse and completely dismantle the ‘administration’ that has brought this about.

The baby boomers now find themselves with their mission to preserve America and her ideals. May they rise up as one to defeat this monstrous evil. Paul Gable

March 21, 2010