Master Plan to Steal an Election (Updated, 4)

1. Start with the aftermath of the 2004 election, when George Bush defeated John Kerry, and the 300,000 vote margin in Ohio was considered pivotal. The Ohio legislature goes so far as to eventually convene hearings on how someone could steal an Ohio election. Watch the video of those hearings.

2. The 'expert' witness testifes to the Ohio legislators attending the hearing--almost all of whom appear to be Democrats--and explains that all that is necessary to rig elections is tabulating software that flips just enough votes to achieve a 51/49 split in favor of the candidate of choice. Very subtle; not visible at the precinct level; not 'brute force' changing of votes in ways too obvious to be ignored; but a nice close 51/49 'victory' guaranteed. What's the only thing that tips off the rigged vote? The expert witness says it would be inconsistency with polls--in his example, with exit polls.

3. Again, watch the video. The expert witness in Ohio is treated by the legislators as a supersmart rockstar; the guy who showed them what they believed George Bush had done.

4. Soon after the 2004 election, George Soros forms and funds the "Secretary of State" project through his Democracy Alliance. It's not apologetic about its purpose--to elect Democrat Secretaries of State in key states so as to better control elections (because election operations in the states are typically under the control of the Secretary of State). This project no longer appears active, and many of its sponsored candidates did not win election. But the fact that there was such a project, and the fact that the project was funded by Soros, are undeniable. This is a man on a mission, triggered by a read of what happened in Ohio in 2004, and unambiguously zeroing in on controlling the vote counting process. Soros plays to win.

5. Reportedly, Soros invests in voting machine software supplier(s). With the right software, it doesn't matter who the Secretary of State is. The software doesn't have to be in every machine in every state; just in enough machines in enough swing states.

6. As Ohio's expert rockstar witness noted, the vote-rigging fraud can only work if not too inconsistent with the polls, either before or after the election. Therefore public opinion polls must indicate a close race on the eve of the election. If they show Romney up by 8-10 points, a flip to Obama on Election Day looks too suspect. Also, the exit polls need to conform to the rigged result.

7. With the 2012 election still a few months away, and with honest independent polling starting to show a shift of momentum to Romney (as did Gallup), they have to be brought into line as the election approaches. The possibility that Romney's five point lead could spin out of control and balloon to 8-10 points on the eve of the election would expose the vote-rigging fraud. Solution: the Holder Department of Justice, prodded by Obama adviser David Axelrod, threatens suit against Gallup (here). Gallup polls thereafter show a tightening up of the race.

8. All polling organizations understand the message of DOJ’s threat to Gallup; they fall into line. They oversample Democrats to make their results appear tightening and ‘too close to call’ on the weekend before the election, providing the perfect cover for a surprising but comfortably explainable win by Obama. And exit polls are the easiest to fix. [Update November 30, 2012: Noam Scheiber of the New Republic releases a column on Romney's internal polls just prior to the election--polls which were outside the sway of the Axelrod/Holder legal intimidation. Romney was on his way to election according to these polls. Yet the results in each of the states mentioned went slightly for Obama.  (Sheiber's post was taken down in 2014).]

9. The useful idiots in the conservative punditry class can be sure to skip past any discussion of fraud and rigged voting machines; they want to be seen as high-minded, not-sour-grapes-losers; and they want to outdo each other in reaching for the most insightful explanation of what Republicans/conservatives failed to do and how those failures ‘obviously’ generated the surprise election day results.

10. In the meantime, the liberal punditry class can launch on how Americans have changed; how secular conformity and ‘tolerance’ is now the superseding religion of the nation and all politicians had better adjust to the new reality.

11. And George Soros is snickering at all the little people that made up America’s leadership class, and how easy it was to destroy America.

But the vote totals give away the game. Americans are supposed to believe that in an election where Obama received 9 million less votes than 2008--a profound loss of support--that Romney also received 2.8 million less votes than McCain. Folks, this just did not happen. [Update November 23, 2012: yes, we know final tallies suggest Romney did not fall as short of McCain as initially believed. But final tallies also show that a razor thin margin of 340,000 votes in four states swung the election. In our view--just as planned].

The loss of support for Obama was marked and unmistakable and understandable in relation to what is happening in and to the country; to accept a conclusion that there was a nearly as significant loss of support for Romney relative to the 2008 Republican candidate just has no rationale whatsoever. The momentum and growing enthusiasm for Romney at the end of the campaign were also visible and unmistakable.

The vote totals came out the way they did because vote-counting software rigged and directed the result for Obama, at the very least in key swing states. Falsified pre-election polls, conducted under threat of legal retaliation by the Obama Department of Justice, set the stage for Americans to dismiss their instinct that this result doesn't pass the smell test, and to accept a bunch of hashed and re-hashed theories about campaign tactics, changing demographics, immigration policy (of all things!), etc., as the reason(s) for the results.

Josef Stalin--a hero of leftists everywhere--was among the earliest to make the simple observation: it doesn't matter who votes; it matters who counts the votes. Soros and those he leads and funds just executed Stalin's vision in America in 2012.

Yes, it’s easy enough to lampoon anyone as a conspiracy theorist, especially if the proof can remain under wraps—and for now it has. And nobody will pay much attention to an obscure blog like Brushfires of Freedom. But we think as Americans continue to reflect on this non sequitur of an election result, they’re not going to settle into passive acceptance.

There have been literally millions of Americans who have been willing to die and have died to protect America’s Constitution, because they understood in an intuitive way exactly what had inspired that document and why it had to be defended. They are not going to sit idly while the leftists proceed to completely wipe it off the face of the earth. We think they will go to work to out this fraud.

America's biggest problem is a lack of leaders who are first, capable of recognizing the magnitude of the evil that is leftism and acknowledging that there are no bounds to the ambitions of this evil, and second, strong enough to speak up and stand up to it. The current crop of Republican leaders is spineless, gutless and unworthy of the heritage of Samuel Adams (the inspiration for Brushfires of Freedom). We can only hope a new generation of American leaders will arise who are worthy of that heritage.

George Soros isn’t the first to think he is smarter than God; he isn’t the first to think power resides in human cleverness. He won’t be the last. But he will fail, just as all the rest ultimately have.

Keep watching and working and praying.

Paul Gable

November 10, 2012