New American Heroes Series

Back in June 2009, we wrote of our expectation that new American heroes and heroines would arise as the nation throws off the ruling class elitists and radical leftists that are seeking to smother and ultimately destroy America. We followed that with a series of essay-nominations of men and women who have caught our eye as being in the fight in a big and courageous way. Seems like a good idea to put them all in one place...

So here they are, in the order they first appeared:

New American Heroes Will Arise (the Original) (June 2009)

Allen West (April 2010)

Kyle-Anne Shiver (April 2010)

Ilario Pantano (June 2010)

Andy McCarthy (July 2010) UPDATED November 2013

Angelo Codevilla (July 2010)

Glenn Beck (August 2010)

Robin of Berkeley (October 2010)

Bill Whittle (November 2010)

The Old Jarhead (December 2010)

Christine O'Donnell (December 2010)

Ann Barnhardt (April 2011)

Geert Wilders (May 2011)

Mark Steyn (September 2011)

Diana West (March 2012) UPDATED

Dr. Benjamin Carson (March 2013)

Dinesh D'Souza (July 2014)

Conservative Treehouse (November 2014)

Bobby Jindal (January 2015)

Wild Bill for America (February 2015)

Sydney Powell (August 2015)