Trust Freedom...Trust American Ideals

"It does not take a majority to prevail...

    but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on...

      setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

                       --Samuel Adams, American patriot


Finally, the Impeachment and Removal of Obama

"...on November 8, 2016, the American people...found within themselves the fortitude and courage to stand up and do what Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and John Boehner did not have the fortitude and courage to stand up and do...”

The Fix Wasn't In...and America has An Opportunity

"...our concern about a 2012-style fix of the election through corrupt tabulating software wasn’t warranted—and for that, all of America can be truly grateful...Taking office with majorities in both houses of Congress at least nominally aligned with him, Trump has a two year window in which to accomplish enormous positive restoration in America.  We wish him well...”

The Telltale Sign of a 2016 Fixed Election

"...A Trump-driven surge in general election turnout seems very likely given the Trump-driven surge in GOP primary turnout already witnessed.  But an explainable leap from a surge in total turnout to a close election result for Hillary just isn't possible--absent rigged vote tabulation software...”

Venality Personified

"...The American people must rise up and insist: venality cannot be allowed to govern the United States of America...”

Has Huma Been Acting as an Agent of the Muslim Brotherhood?

"...That’s the question that the ruling class and its media arm do not want to ask.  But Americans are more tuned in than the ruling class wants to believe, and they are going to demand that this question be asked and answered...”


A Proactive Approach to Islam in America (from 2007)

"...Doing nothing to resist the movement of unreformed Islam in the US is paving the way for American cultural suicide and, indeed, to the destruction of the very idea of freedom to worship God as one chooses...”

America's Religious Awakening (from 2010)

"...The stirring going on throughout the nation is really...about the central importance and power and rightness of Judeo-Christian teaching about God and man, and whether we as Americans are awake enough to realize and affirm that teaching as the right place to start in deciding what truth and love are. It’s about whether we are awake enough to defend and protect that teaching ‘against all enemies, foreign and domestic’.

It’s truly a religious awakening, and truth will prevail...”

Innocent People, Malignant Theology (from 2010)

"...Americans are going to have to dig in and find out exactly what the Islamic religion defines as “Allah”. They should read the Koran themselves, and not read the non-Muslim apologists for Islam or the anti-Muslim bigots. But there is no escaping what Americans will find. Allah is violent, vengeful, arbitrary, oppressive, dark and deceiving. Allah bears no relationship to the New Testament’s proclamation that “God is love.” The differences are stark, and they lead humanity in opposite directions. One is up—toward a human environment of ‘on earth peace, good will toward men’; the other is down, where violence and oppression are perfectly captured by the doctrine that murder and mayhem brings a reward of 72 virgins in heaven...”

The Problem is Islam (from 2012)

"...There is no appeasing Islamists; there is no accommodation to be made for sharia law in America. Islamist mob violence must be stopped, and with overwhelming force. Financial support to Islamist regimes must be cut off, entirely and immediately. America’s alliance with Israel must be affirmed, without qualification.

And in the longer term, consider our piece from five years ago. Consider Geert Wilders’ observations and suggestions. Because the problem isn’t people; it isn’t actually human beings who call themselves Muslim. The problem is Islam...”

Shariah Bigots (from February 2015)

"...To oppose the continuation or expansion of shariah is not bigoted or hateful—not if you have any clue what it is. It is to be on the side of humanity, of life and liberty for all men and women (and toddlers)...”

The "Getting It" Quotes for 2016

"...the greatest nation ever conceived on Earth, proved once again that America is exceptional because Americans are exceptional...”

Michael Goodwin, November 9, 2016, writing in the New York Post


Worth a Second Look…

     The Anchor of Thanksgiving (November 2010)

"...the founding of this nation is not an historical accident, nor the clever work of a random collection of political wise men who happened to live in a certain place in the 18th century. It is, as George Washington put it, evidence of ‘the hand of the divine Providence’ in the unfolding course of time.

This hand has not gone anywhere; it has not disappeared or become impotent. It is just as present now as it was in the 18th century, or the first. All that’s needed is a chastened people, ready, as Washington was at Valley Forge, to figuratively and even literally get down on its individual and collective knees and seek divine help and guidance to get through the storm. More and more Americans have been doing exactly that, and with greater and greater intensity and sincerity as the nature of this storm has fully dawned on them. ..."

Origin of Brushfires-of-Freedom

Samuel Adams' words capture the freedom-impelled and freedom-impelling ideals of the American Declaration of Independence: that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and that government exists to secure these rights through just powers derived from the consent of the governed.

These ideals are a principled force for good that cannot be outgrown or superseded. The blessings that flow from fidelity to them may rise and fall over generations, but their rightness and relevance to human progress in government, the economy, and the culture will not.

Even if a majority of voting citizens appears to have rejected or become confused as to these ideals, the darkness that will surely follow is not permanent. Because these ideals are grounded in the Christian truth of God and of man’s individual freedom and responsibility under God—a ‘light’ that shines in the darkness, that can never be extinguished. Brushfires of freedom aims to inspire its readers with essays and links that are grounded in this truth.

“Brushfires” and Talk Radio

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin (and some others) are strikingly attuned to these ideals. Not their commentary as distorted by sound bites or hearsay to create a false context from which to attack them as hateful, bigoted, reactionary, etc., but what is heard when one actually listens for a few days, not a few minutes. What is then heard is— dare say—the God-inspired qualities of thought that quietly and implicitly recognize a loving Creator, and all men and women, with freedom and responsibility under God (not government) as capable of great good.

These qualities of thought are borne of honest spirituality—of faith in the unseen, trust that there is such a thing as truth, and humility in the recognition of a power greater than one’s self—that exists without regard to how individuals (such as Levin, who is Jewish) articulate the theological underpinnings of their worldview. It exists because truth is truth, in every language, among all peoples—and the heart of humanity responds naturally to it. That’s why their audiences are so large and loyal (and why they are so hated within certain other worldviews).


The spirit of Sam Adams, the spirit of much of talk radio, and the spirit of this website—is the spirit of America’s exceptionalism. It was on fire in 1776, and empowered the American Revolutionary movement to triumph despite being outnumbered in personnel, weapons and wealth. It has smoldered from time to time since then, but is always ready to be re-ignited. It will triumph again, too, regardless of being ‘outnumbered’ by any measure. Just needs a few brushfires…