Immigration is NOT a Group Identity Issue

No matter where we were born, who are parents were, or what color our skin is, we do not like those who refuse to play by the rules we are expected to play by, and we do not want to live in a society where the rules are ignored. When the source of society’s rules is a national charter grounded in individual freedom and responsibility under God, we really don’t want that society populated by those who refuse to play by the rules, and we really want enforcement of the rules, not the ignoring of them. --Paul Gable

In the summer of 2009, Brushfires of Freedom switched to an all-essay format; we’re just too short-staffed to be a news aggregator or a two-paragraph pundit on daily news. See our “Links of Freedom” for the best news aggregators and daily pundits. But it was fun to do it for awhile, and the comments and links below are still relevant, so we'll leave them up for our readers' pleasure.

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Brushfires believes control of the US/Mexico border is both a freedom and security issue. Freedom is best preserved when there is some effort to assure that those coming into the country share the freedom-enabling values that lie behind the founding of America—because those who don’t share those values will surely erode the nation’s capacity to preserve them.

As the Mexican drug cartels continue their campaign of intimidation against law enforcement on both sides of the border, many (including the Wall Street Journal, here ) have warned of the risk of Mexico descending to anarchy—a so-called “failed state”. If you think the flood of northbound immigrants was excessive in the past, just wait until this failed state status starts to sink in. Now is the time to tighten, not relax, efforts to control the border.

And while we’re at it, let’s hope someone with access to the ‘bully pulpit’ will shout about Americans’ own complicity in Mexico’s struggle—to wit, the American demand for illicit drugs. If that demand ever dried up, the cartel’s money and influence would, too. The elites will always tell us that demand for drugs will never decline, but why should that be the case? Must we always be characterized as a society driven to escapism, hedonism, narcissism, etc.?

Could it be that a restoration of active, relevant, engaged Christian faith would have as its concomitant a decline of interest in drugs and other material stimulants? Our society doesn’t have to be ‘stuck on stupid’. Everyone in it can be lifted above an animal, material view of himself or herself into something higher and better—the child of a loving, living God.

Brushfires believes America was founded on a rock-solid Christian faith that will do this lifting—we just need to turn to it.