Copyrighted Essays and Comments
from Paul Gable's Brushfires-of-freedom

Talk Radio

Glenn Beck's Test for Talk Radio: the Lerner Story (March 2011)
"Broke" Proves America is Not (November 2010)
Dear Senator Cornyn... (October 2010)
Liberal Media Templates Won't Fly Anymore (September 2010)
Dear Barack…(October 2009)
Dear Dick…(August 2009)
Dear Sarah…(June 2009)
Dear Republican Senators…(May 2009)
The Real Limbaugh Legacy (May 2009)
Dear Warren…(May 2009)
Dear Colin…(May 2009)

The Economy

Minimum Wage and Voter ID Debates Belong to the Ash Heap of History (December 2013)
Yes, It's Time to Abolish the IRS (June 2013)
No Business Ever has the Purpose to Create Jobs (May 2012)
Unemployment Rate Lies (May 2012)
Greece: Defaulting to a Better Future (November 2011)
Fiscal Sanity for Dummies (July 2011)
The Debt Ceiling is a 2+2=4 Issue (April 2011)
The World's Reserve Currency: American Ideals (December 2010)
Restoring Common Household Wisdom (December 2010)
15% Across the Board (November 2010)
"Quantitative Easing" is Nothing but a Shell Game (November 2010)
GM's IPO: The Sub-Prime Sequel (September 2010)
Financial Collapse is Survivable...and Not Inevitable... (June 2010)
Never Too Much Chris Christie (June 2010)
Phase Out All Government Employee Pension Plans (May 2010)
Who Will Prosecute this Government? (May 2010)
The Oil Slick that Jumped the Shark (April 2010)
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: This is an American Leader (March 2010)

Delta-Northwest, Airtran, Ft. Hood and GM (December 2009)
Pravda Alert: GDP Spin (July 2009)
Rightful Owners (July 2009)

Path to Corruption (May 2009)
American Revolution 2.0 – Drill Now (May 2009)
Bailouts Violate Freedom and Confuse Thought (April 2009)
AIG and the Building Blocks of a Healthy Economy (March 2009)
UConn’s Jim Calhoun – The Tip of the Backlash Iceberg (February 2009)
This Will Not Stand (February 2009)
Truth and Freedom - Still the Answer (February 2009)
Fight the Orwellians! (January 2009) UPDATED March 2009
Where is the Call for Faith—in God and in Freedom? (January 2009)

Religion Matters

What Orlando Really Calls For (June 2016)
Theology=>Culture=>Politics (May 2016)
A Pope Revisits Galileo (June 2015)
Christianity's Spectacular Opportunity (May 2015)
The Trifecta of War on Christianity in 2015 (April 2015)
Easter, Israel and America (March 2015)
Jesus or Mohammed? Consequences to Follow (March 2015)
Shariah Bigots (February 2015)
Faithless Intellect on Display (October 2014)
Christ and Anti-Christ (September 2014)
The Consequences of Moral Vacuity in High Places (March 2014)
The Call to Christianity (February 2014)
Andrew Cuomo the High Priest (January 2014)
The "Gideons" Will Have to Save America (October 2013)
Change and Truth (July 2013)
The Need for Leaders with Spiritual Depth (May 2013)
Truth Matters (May 2013)
The Resurrection of America (March 2013)
Bible Thumping (March 2013)
The Disguise of Anti-Semitism (January 2013)
"...that the world through him might be saved" (December 2012)
Yes, It's Time to Talk About the "G" Word (December 2012)
Christianity and Conservatism (December 2012)
The Problem is Islam (September 2012)
Media and Mesmerism and Easter (April 2012)
Christmas 2011 and the Silver Lining of Iraq (December 2011)
Americans! It's Still All About God (November 2011)
Enablement Reform (September 2011)
What Makes Self-Government Possible (July 2011)
"Redemption Draweth Nigh" (June 2011)
A Moral Recovery Must Come First (June 2011)
Living through the Obama Apocalypse (May 2011)
Americans will Pass this Test of Faith (May 2011)
Classic, Dangerous Ignorance: Bill O'Reilly (March 2011)
After the Apocalypse - Glenn Beck is on the Right Track (March 2011)
In this Theological Struggle, Obama needs to be the First Domino (March 2011)
Christian Canary, World Canary (March 2011)
America Must Be Preserved; Obama Must Step Down (February 2011)
An Orchestrated 2+ Years? (February 2011)
The Difference Between Obama and Reagan? Christian Faith (January 2011)
There is Nothing Covered that Shall Not be Revealed (January 2011)
The Left's Hatred is Hatred of God (January 2011)

Christmas in America - 2010 (December 2010)
Americans Know: the Need is for God (December 2010)
The Anchor of Thanksgiving (November 2010)
Indefensible, Moral Idiocy (November 2010)
Inspiration and Reassurance (November 2010)
The Religion of Liberalism Must Go (November 2010)
Innocent People, Malignant Theology (November 2010)
Angela Merkel's Gift (October 2010)
This is Bigger than a New Congress (October 2010)

Dismantling Godless Intellectualism (September 2010)
Black Liberation (September 2010)
The O'Donnell Upheaval (September 2010)
September 11, 2010 (September 2010)
Islamophobia (September 2010)
The War on Liberalism (September 2010)
In Defense of Judeo-Christian America (August 2010)
Truth Will Finish the Job (August 2010)
Confident Theological Leadership, NOW (August 2010)
America's Religious Awakening (August 2010)
Good Will Not Collapse (August 2010)
KISS Principles: American Free Markets and Christianity (July 2010)
Expect This Government to be Removed (July 2010)
No Mosque at Ground Zero (July 2010)
A Prodigal Nation Can Return Home (July 2010)
Masterminds vs. Truth (July 2010)
New American Hero: Andy McCarthy (July 2010)
Toward a Resurgent Christian Nation (July 2010)
The Spirit of the Declaration Will Prevail (July 2010)

The Constitution and the Ten Commandments (June 2010)
Socialism = Evil = Obama (June 2010)
BP - and the Silver-Lining Call of Humility (June 2010)
"Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation..." (June 2010)
Huckabee, Holder, Hoffer - and UCSD (May 2010)
Market Manipulation Will Not Bring Down America (May 2010)
"Being First with the Truth" (May 2010)
"What is Right will Always Eventually Prevail" (April 2010)
Evil Is As Evil Does (April 2010)
The Unconfined Promise of Easter (April 2010)
Easter and the Mainstream Media (April 2010)

The Beginning of the End: Keep the Faith (March 2010)
It's About God, America!!! Updated (March 2010)
The Call to Pray for America (March 2010)
The Triumph of Ideas over Personality (March 2010)
Persist (March 2010)
Resist (March 2010)
Al Gore Pins the Tail on the Donkey (February 2010)
Americans Can, Must and Will Remove this Administration (February 2010)
The American Judeo-Christian Heritage: A "Bold & Fresh" Look (January 2010)

Christmas 2009: Be Unafraid...Be Very Unafraid (December 2009)
The Call to Faith (December 2009)
Truth on the March (December 2009)
In God We Trust (November 2009)
The Ft. Hood Wake Up Call (November 2009)
America's Return to God (October 2009)

ACORN: A Phenomenal Awakening (September 2009)
The Core Evil of this Administration (August 2009)
Truth Does Not Play Games (July 2009)
The U.S. Government vs. American Government (July 2009)

Truth at Work (June 2009)
Fraud, Freedom and Truth (June 2009)
Get Religion (June 2009)
Israel Matters (June 2009) Updated (March 2010) - and One Year Later (June 2010)
Waking Up from the Soros/Obama Nightmare (June 2009)
People of Individuality (May 2009)
Truth Doesn't Change (May 2009)
American Revolution 2.0 - Secularism is Not America's Religion (May 2009)
Obama in Turkey: Falsity Never Helps (April 2009)
Less Anti-Americanism is a Danger Signal (April 2009)

We Do Not Want This (March 2009)
Confront This Evil (March 2009), UPDATED (July 2009)
Duty Calls (March 2009)
Freedom Will Dismantle the Obama Cult of Personality (March 2009)
"Evil is Powerless if the Good are Unafraid" (March 2009)
Presidents, God and the American Foundation (February 2009)
Trust in God (February 2009)
Sounding Obama Alarm Bells NOW (January 2009)

A Proactive Approach to Islam in America (2007)

Climate Change

Nine Minutes of Video Exposes the 97% Lie (October 2015)
Climate Change Control: What Does Success Look Like? (September 2015)
A Pope Revisits Galileo (June 2015)
Enemy of Freedom and America: The Godless Global Warming Mob (May 2014)
The Unconscionable Global Warming Movement (October 2010)
Climate Change Law Belongs in Ash Heap of History (June 2009)


Hispanics are Not Lazy, Lawless or Stupid (April 2010)

Cultural Decay

The Stanford Mess (June 2016)
The 2% and 98% (August 2012)
Elizabeth Warren, Cultural Canary (May 2012)
Monumental Progress (March 2012)
When the Media Assumes the Freedom to Lie (March 2011)
The Senate Should Stop Asking or Telling (December 2010)
The Mainstream Media has become America's Enemy (October 2010)
Carl Paladino - and Residual PC-Disease (October 2010)
Color-Blind Corruption (September 2010)
Elin Nordegren's Lesson for America (August 2010)
Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Event (August 2010)
Cultural Waterloo: the LeBron James Fiasco (July 2010)
When TV Scriptwriters Got It (June 2010)
Obama Must Go (June 2010)
Lying About Your Past - and Elena Kagan (May 2010)
"Let's Roll!" Means NO to Kagan (May 2010)
The Ft. Hood Wake Up Call - Take Two (May 2010)
Unrelenting Clarity (April 2010)

Bernie, Tiger and Barack (December 2009)
9/12/2009: The Media's Waterloo (September 2009)
Dismantling Elitism (July 2009)
Honduras: A Light on Pravda's Limits (June 2009)
An Alternative View of Mark Sanford (June 2009)
It's Woman's Hour (June 2009)
Pravda Polls - Predictable and False (June 2009)
Resist the Corruption of the Department of Justice (February 2009)

Limited Government

The Fed's Contribution to the Tea Party: A Good Thing (December 2010)
15% Across the Board (November 2010)
Enforcing Zero Compromise (November 2010)
The Murkowski Upheaval (September 2010)
The Scope of Necessary Repeal (September 2010)
The Theocracy Shibboleth (August 2010)
Truth Will Finish the Job (August 2010)
"Earned Success" and "Human Flourishing" (June 2010)
Phase Out All Government Employee Pension Plans (May 2010)
America is Not a 50/50 Nation (May 2010)
Say No to Fear, and Throw Out All Democrats (May 2010)
Individual Rights, Individual Responsibilities - and Paul Ryan (April 2010)
Consider Two Words: Bribery and Extortion (March 2010)

The Word for 2010 is: REPEAL (November 2009) UPDATED June 2010
Memo to the Political Class: Start Fearing the People (July 2009)
Glenn Beck’s Common Sense (July 2009)

Impeach and Remove this President (June 2009)
Rise Above Racism: Criticize Obama (June 2009)
The Virtue of No (June 2009)
American Can Stop This Trip to Abilene (June 2009)
Principled Opposition to Sotomayor Can Prevail (May 2009)
Memorial Day Optimism (May 2009; UPDATED May 2010)
Rx for Republicans and Obama (May 2009)
Americans Did Not Vote For This...Americans Can Stop This (May 2009)
American Revolution 2.0 - "People are the Solution" (May 2009)
American Revolution 2.0 - Reverse, Repeal, Rescind (May 2009)

Puncturing the Obama Popularity Balloon (April 2009)
American Recovery Plan (April 2009)
Tea Parties: Next Steps (April 2009)
Time for Rebellion by the Real Minority: the Individual (April 2009)
We the People Must Repeal Obama (March 2009)

Limited Government is the Answer; Modern-day Liberalism is Not (December 2008)