New American Heroine: Diana West

For an update to this original posting, see: "Diana West and the Spirit of America" posted in August 2013.


Time to add to the honor list of Americans rising to the occasion of saving America from the out-of-control fraud and evil that is the Obama regime. Diana West, a well-syndicated columnist, has courageously stepped into the Obama fraud milieu with a column that apparently could not find willing publishers among the 120 or so who usually publish her writings. The reason: she dared comment on the overwhelming evidence that has been compiled to show that the infamous long form birth certificate of Barack Obama is a forgery. And she has a sense of history and humanity that allows her to write simply and devastatingly about the deeply sickening Orwellian thought-control system that the American media would try to have Americans live under. “Silence of the Lapdogs” is a timely, powerful, simple and critical whack-upside-the-head, and its stirring impact has only begun.

Friends and readers across the world: Obama’s long form birth certificate is a fraud. Saying so, repeatedly, may hasten a radical readjustment to American politics faster than anyone imagines. Because the mere fact that it is a fraud is enough to shift the entire subject from speculative explanations of the circumstances of his birth to a much simpler question: why is a forged birth certificate being touted by the Obama regime as legitimate? Why?

For those of us not living under Orwellian thought-control, the answer is that there is something Obama must hide about the circumstances of his birth or parentage because the truth would be devastating to his claim to authority and power. It’s that simple. And the truth exists; it just hasn’t outed itself quite yet.

But it will, and it may just happen before the elections of 2012. If it does, Diana West will deserve a lot of credit for having the guts to wade into the subject matter when almost all other voices—including almost every voice on the American right—had been fully and finally intimidated into silence by the seeming power of orchestrated, high-brow mockery and scoffing.

West is by no means the only American to have stood up and shouted to the rooftops that we have a problem with a fraudulent President (see these essays, for example), but she is extremely rare among widely accepted columnists: she cares less about the opprobrium of her peers than the obvious stakes to the country and the world that there is growing evidence of a deeply sickening fraud at the heart of the Obama persona—and the interests of America and the world would be best served if the truth came out. She has called fresh attention to this gargantuan elephant in the room, and with now more-widely viewed series of videos dismantling the long form birth certificate here, there are now many, many serious people who are grappling with the very real fear that the dimensions of Obama’s fraud—who his real supporters have been; who has financed him for decades; who has kept his personal records under wraps; who he answers to and/or takes direction from—are far more troubling than anyone may have considered.

The vast majority of the current stuffed shirt excuses for American statesmen will continue to ignore the fraud issues on the grounds that they are simply too hot to handle. We’re talking about a threat, in their minds, of a collapse of American government and a descent into chaos and anarchy if Obama were to be forced out of office, especially under circumstances that might call into question whether anything he did from the time he was sworn into office was legally valid under the US Constitution. And to be sure, it would be an entry into uncharted territory, at least in terms of the specifics of Obama’s case.

But in a more general way, the mounting evidence of Obama-related fraud is no different than mounting evidence pre-December-1941 of Japanese intent to attack Pearl Harbor, or mounting evidence pre-September 11 of Al Qaeda intent to hijack airplanes and fly them into skyscrapers. The motives in each case were and are to harm and ultimately destroy the United States of America as founded under her Constitution. In Obama’s case, it was and is to install through deceit a radical leftist President and a cabal of like-minded czars to spend the nation into oblivion, throttle the sources of energy that drive the American economy, seize control of the people and neuter their Judeo-Christian faith in the name of ‘affordable healtchare’, foster class warfare and race warfare so as to foment chaos and violence in the streets that can only be controlled by the dictatorial use of force, and once and for all put an end to a nation founded on individual freedom and responsibility under God. Not the same tactics or timetable as the Japanese or Al-Qaeda, but the same ends.

History has shown that once the American people are aroused to understand the nature of the threat, there is no danger of descent into chaos and anarchy. There is assurance that the threat will be met and defeated.

We think the American people are way ahead of their statesmen. They sense the fraud, the malicious intent, and the magnitude of the danger. They do not want to see another December 7 or September 11 event. But they are not and have never been afraid of the truth; they are descendants of a nation built on a faith that the truth will make you free. They know intuitively that the real danger does not come from exposing the truth; the real danger—and the real threat of descent into chaos and anarchy—comes from continuing to believe and live under lies.

Diana West seems to understand this simple point, and her “Silence of the Lapdogs”—and its ongoing ripple effect—may someday be identified as a pivot point in America’s return to sanity; a saving grace that shows to Americans again how truth sets us free. For that, we salute her as a New American Heroine.

Paul Gable

March 25, 2012