Trust Freedom...Trust American Ideals

"It does not take a majority to prevail...

    but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on...

      setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

                       --Samuel Adams, American patriot


The Dangerous Secular Delusions of the Clintons

"...With a mindset like the Clintons, which is more or less the same as Obama’s and more or less the same as the faithless intellect everywhere, the concept of a bring-on-the-12th-imam-and-caliphate, apocalyptic, suicidal nuclear cult is just a meaningless fantasy. Those ISIS guys and Iranian ayatollahs can’t possibly be serious. They’re a little carried away right now with all the beheadings and such, but the ‘arc of history’ will calm them down so there’s nothing really to worry about. The Clintons’ worldview is a dangerous secular delusion...”

When Lies Run Out of Believers

"...the entire Clinton apparatus of lies is running out of believers. There is a Humpty-Dumpty coterie of consultants and deep-pocket left-wing donors who see this but don’t want to believe it, and they are going to pour many more millions of dollars into her campaign on the Gruber-like faith that the American people are stupid enough to finally come around and buy the lies again. It’s not going to happen...”

The Trifecta of War on Christianity in 2015

"...The three main fronts in the current era’s all-out assault on Christianity—especially Christianity in America—are very plain, but the ability of the current crop of Christian leaders/thinkers to respond to them with a strong, unified and convincing message of truth seems limited. The fronts are: • The rise of Islam • Man-made global warming theories • The LGBT agenda ...”

Tim Cook May Yet be Apple's Undoing

"...Americans—most especially Christian Americans—are not the bigoted, hateful people they are portrayed to be by the political movement [Cook has] chosen to align with. They are smarter and more well-informed about Indiana law and the meaning of religious freedom than the echo chamber of opinions [surrounding Cook]. And they don’t have to patronize companies and CEOs who insult them and their faith and their freedoms. They can vote with their wallets. There are other smart devices...”

Easter, Israel and America

"...the very hatred of God and good that brought about the crucifixion of Jesus remains in thought today, and it’s coming to a head in a way that’s never been seen in America. Here’s hoping the resurrection that followed that hate a couple of millennia ago will follow it again in our time...”

The "Getting It" Quotes for April 2015

"...all of this, in Indiana, this is not about discrimination against gays. They want you to think it is, and the action being taken, the outrage, the media, this is not about expanding gay rights, it's not about eliminating discrimination, that's not at all what's going on here. This is an all-out assault on Christianity...”

Rush Limbaugh, April 3, 2015


Worth a Second Look…

     The Terminal Disqualification of Hillary Clinton

"...To willfully proliferate lies in support of Islam and in order to maintain political power, even while in the midst of a private human conversation supposed to console an honestly grieving father who actually had a son murdered in an Islamic terrorist attack against the United States of America—these are getting very close to the marks of a human without a soul. We pray for her redemption from such madness and emptiness, but in the meantime, may she be terminally disqualified from ever holding office in America again.."

Origin of Brushfires-of-Freedom

Samuel Adams' words capture the freedom-impelled and freedom-impelling ideals of the American Declaration of Independence: that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and that government exists to secure these rights through just powers derived from the consent of the governed.

These ideals are a principled force for good that cannot be outgrown or superseded. The blessings that flow from fidelity to them may rise and fall over generations, but their rightness and relevance to human progress in government, the economy, and the culture will not.

Even if a majority of voting citizens appears to have rejected or become confused as to these ideals, the darkness that will surely follow is not permanent. Because these ideals are grounded in the Christian truth of God and of man’s individual freedom and responsibility under God—a ‘light’ that shines in the darkness, that can never be extinguished. Brushfires of freedom aims to inspire its readers with essays and links that are grounded in this truth.

“Brushfires” and Talk Radio

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin (and some others) are strikingly attuned to these ideals. Not their commentary as distorted by sound bites or hearsay to create a false context from which to attack them as hateful, bigoted, reactionary, etc., but what is heard when one actually listens for a few days, not a few minutes. What is then heard is— dare say—the God-inspired qualities of thought that quietly and implicitly recognize a loving Creator, and all men and women, with freedom and responsibility under God (not government) as capable of great good.

These qualities of thought are borne of honest spirituality—of faith in the unseen, trust that there is such a thing as truth, and humility in the recognition of a power greater than one’s self—that exists without regard to how individuals (such as Levin, who is Jewish) articulate the theological underpinnings of their worldview. It exists because truth is truth, in every language, among all peoples—and the heart of humanity responds naturally to it. That’s why their audiences are so large and loyal (and why they are so hated within certain other worldviews).


The spirit of Sam Adams, the spirit of much of talk radio, and the spirit of this website—is the spirit of America’s exceptionalism. It was on fire in 1776, and empowered the American Revolutionary movement to triumph despite being outnumbered in personnel, weapons and wealth. It has smoldered from time to time since then, but is always ready to be re-ignited. It will triumph again, too, regardless of being ‘outnumbered’ by any measure. Just needs a few brushfires…